Monday, August 31, 2009

Week of Aug. 31st - Sept 4th

Prayer Requests from this past Sunday:

  • John Parker is having surgery on Thursday (tonsils, adnoids and tubes)
  • Ty Garner - Renee's old boss
  • Whitney Wilson - Morning sickness
  • Pray for all the pregnant women in the class
  • Bobby Bethea - works w/ Hunter. Might have lupus
  • Bennett Tyler - Has swine flu and walking pnuemonia. Pray for all the Tyler's.

Greenhouse was kicked off last night and we had a good turnout from our class. I want to encourage you to find a Greenhouse class to get plugged into. Also, the men are continuing our weekly bible study every Wednesday starting at 6:15am at Chappy's Deli on Perry Hill Road. If you can't make the Wednesday morning study, there is a men's class on Wednesday nights at 6:15pm upstairs from our classroom. Look for me or Travis and we will direct you in there.

Lastly, the women are going to begin a Wednesday night study at 6:15pm. The study will be at church and childcare will be provided. Please contact Wendi or Robyn for details.

The church serves dinner every Wednesday night beginning at 5pm. Dinner is $5 per person, so you can eat dinner then head to bible study.

Hope you all have a great week!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Prayer Requests from 8/9/09

Renee Dickerson - Old boss, Ty Garner, hit by truck and in a medicated coma.

Ellen McBee - Friend had an emergency C-section at 29 weeks with twins.

Glenn Wilson - JP having surgery on 9/3. Getting tonsils and adenoids taken out and a new set of tubes put in his ears.

Pray for all the pregnant ladies in our class!

Hunter - Jenna graduates this week.
Also has a friend that has seizures and was scheduled for gastric-bypass surgery. Surgery was delayed b/c of brain issues. Has since been having mini-seizures.

Alicia Foxworth - Pray for Geary Powell. May be on transplant list.

Laura Barrow - Pray for Keiths kids, their mom and grandmother.

Hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Blog

Hello class!

This will be our Sunday School Class Blog. I will post updates, prayer requests and general information regarding our SS Class. Save the link and check the site daily for updates.

This Sunday we will continue with our study of Ekklesia. Please make sure you are reading through Chapter 2. We will break into small groups for discussion.

Also, don't forget that the men of the Alpha class are invited to a men's bible study every Wednesday at 6:15am at Chappy's Deli on Perry Hill Road. We are doing a study based on the book "The Man Code." Copies of the book can be purchased at Christian Life Bookstore for $7. This week we will be discussing the #1.

Lastly, Jeremy is hosting LifeLinks this week at River Run Golf Course. Tee times start at 1:30. If you are interested, call the church office and ask for Jeremy.